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And then we saw Orca's!

Steve said the weather was going to be good for diving..

Luke promised to take us somewhere special...

Today's dives were out of this world!

Departing from Portsea we headed towards Cape Schanck, our first dive was at Fingal Back Beach. The vis was good at 20m+ , there was more fish life than we could have ever expected, several Crayfish were spotted, but none made it back on the boat.. After a surface interval and Redboat's signature steamed dim sims, we jumped back in the water at Gunnamatta back beach. Some lucky divers even caught fresh Cray's for dinner!

The diving was magic but diving was just the beginning. Once all divers were back on board, we headed back to port and stumbled across a pod of Orca's. We followed these massive killer whales for over an hour watching in awe as these amazing mammals passed through Westenport Bay! After a full day on the water our divers were buzzing with excitement when they finally arrived back at Extreme Watersport, for air fills and a cold beer!

Winter diving in Melbourne is truly amazing!

With the right thermal protection you won't even notice the cold!

Our next boat dives can be found here

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