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SDI Supervised Diver Course

The SDI Supervised Diver Course is an easy entry level SCUBA course for anyone wanting to begin SCUBA Diving. 
Dive to a maximum of 12 meters, anywhere in the world (under supervision of a Divemaster or Diveguide)...

The SDI Supervised diver Course certifies you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters under the supervision of a Divemaster, Diveguide or Dive Instructor. The course can be used as a credit towards the SDI Open Water Diver Course which will then allow yo to dive independently to a depth of 18 meters. the Supervised Diver course s a great starting point for anyone looking to learn to dive, you will learn all the basic skills required to be able to dive safely and gain confidence diving under the guidance of an instructor.

This course runs over 2 consecutive days and includes home study, classroom theory review, pool session and 2 shore dives. All gear hire is included except Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Gloves Hood and  Booties. These personal items can be Purchased from Extreme Watersport at very competitive prices.  This course is suitable for anyone aged 12 years or older, No prior experience is required.


What to expect..

We encourage students to drop into our store prior to the commencement of your course, at this time you can pick up your home study materials, have a tour of our facility and get to know our team.   If you need to purchase any equipment prior to your course now is a good time to do that! You may even want to try out your new gear before the course, our friendly staff can give you some ideas on where to go snorkeling. 


You will need to set aside about 8-10 hours to complete your home study, prior to commencing the course.  We will give you a loan copy of the SDI Open Water Manual and a workbook to complete prior to the course, bring it back on day one for your instructors to review with you. 

On the first day of training you will meet the other students who are learning to dive with you, we try and keep class numbers small for your comfort and the best learning experience. Your SDI instructor will review your home study and complete some classroom training with you.   Then we will fit you up with all the gear you need, show you how it works and head of to the heated pool where your will take your first breathes underwater!  We have lots of time at teh pool to get you comfy and make sure your dive skills  are tip top before heading out to the Open Water Sites.


Day two is full of excitement as you get to take your new skills  to the Open Water and explore 2 of our local shore dive sites. Here you will get up close with a huge variety of fish big and small including Rays, Pot belied Seahorses, Weedy Sea Dragons and more! 

Upon conclusion of the course you will be issued with the SDI Supervised Diver Certification allowing you to book onto guided dives with us or any other dive center, you may aslo like to continue on with an extra day of training to achieve the SDI Open Water Diver Certification, allowing you to dive independently anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18m. Plus if you select to upgrade your SDI Supervised Diver Certification to the SDI Open Water Certification before the end of your Supervised Diver Course and we will give you a $100 discount!

For a full detailed description of the course, theory and skills you will learn click here


No previous diving experience is required.

Candidates must be able to answer "No" to all questions on the SDI Medical Evaluation form or obtain and present a medical certificate declaring they are "fit to SCUBA dive' from a Diving Physician.  

Candidates must be willing to complete the SDI General Liability Release prior to commencing in water training. 

Candidates must be comfortable in water to deep to stand and able to complete the following watermanship evaluation:

1. Swim of 200 meters non-stop using any stroke without assistance

2. Float or tread water in water to deep to stand unassisted for  of 10 minutes


Course Schedule
Day One, 8:30 AM - 5:00PM
Introduction, Theory Review, Equipment Assembly Workshop, Lunch, Confined Water Pool Session, Debriefing

Day Two 8:30 AM - 5:00PM
Further Theory Review, Equipment Demonstrations, Open Water Dive 1, Lunch, Open Water Dive 2, Debriefing


Training Investment

The SDI Supervised Diver Program is $649 including GST


Special Offer

Sign up to upgrade your SDI Supervised Diver Certification to the SDI Open Water Certification before the end of your Supervised Diver Course and we will give you a $100 discount!  deposit for Open Water Upgrade must be paid by completion of Supervised Diver Course for discount to apply.

Course Availability
We have an active schedule to view our current schedule and check  availability click here. 

If you do not see the dates you require please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Inclusions & Exclusions
The course fee includes all certification costs, pool entry fees and air fills as well as rental of a SCUBA System including Wetsuit, BCD, Regulators, Dive Computer, Cylinder and Weight System.

The course does not include personal equipment, being; Dive Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Gloves and Hood.  As these items are of a very personal nature and are also critical to your comfort and enjoyment we recommend that you purchase these items from us. We will ensure all items fit you properly and are suitable for your needs as a qualified SCUBA Diver.  

As an indication our Mask Snorkel Fin packages start at $199 and most people spend around $300 on a good quality package that should last you a lifetime! We can even help you with interest free finance on any purchases.

You will receive your certification card on the final day of your course!  You will be certified to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters under the supervision of a Divemaster, Diveguide or Dive Instructor and can also enroll in further education courses offered by SDI, PADI or SSI.


Extreme Watersport offer many opportunities for you to continue diving after the course, including regular local boat and shore dives, overseas trips and further education programs.   

Please note: The SDI Supervised Diver Certification is valid for 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our FAQ for more information and answers to many of our frequently asked questions.


For more information speak to one of our helpful instructors by calling +613 5982 3432 or via email here.

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