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Let us take you diving...

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In our ongoing effort to provide affordable SCUBA diving options to divers of all levels we run regular group dives.  These dives are led by an experienced dive guide however you must hold an appropriate certification for the dive to participate.

The guide is not there to babysit you, in fact often our divers will join the guided dives as a social thing but go off exploring and do their own thing in their own buddy pair (just make sure your guide knows that that's your plan).  The guide is there to enhance the experience, provide a briefing on a site you may not have dived yet and assist if you need a little extra guidance.  Our dive guides often point out creatures and critters that others may not see, or provide additional local professional knowledge on the implication of  weather and tides on our local sites...

These dives are just $20 per person and everyone is welcome to join, prior booking is required and we suggest booking as far in advance as possible so we can ensure we get sufficient numbers to run. You will also need to pay for your spot on the boat if joining a guided boat dive. 

Please note: Our guided dives do not include equipment rental, our rental prices can be found here

Guided shore dives: Scheduled time is time to meet at Extreme Watersport

Guided Boat Dives: Scheduled time is the time the boat departs Portsea, please ensure you allow sufficient time to make your way to Portsea and board the vessel.

Guided dives are a great way to meet new dive buddies and a good social way to go diving..
Everyone is welcome!
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