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#Rays Awareness

Something disturbing is happening in Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay!

Smooth rays and fiddler rays are regularly being killed for no reason and returned to the water either dead, or alive and suffering. We can only assume these rays are being accidentally caught and instead of being released unharmed they are being killed so they do not take the fisherman's bait again. Although we support and promote sustainable recreational fishing we cannot bare the thought of these senseless acts of cruelty.

Rays murdered under Rye Pier

The disturbing photo above shows several murdered rays that were found under Rye Pier earlier this year. At least one of the animals was still alive after sustaining these injuries. It is an offense against Fisheries Victoria 2009, Regulation 101 to not return unwanted fish to the water without injury or damage.

The killing of a “resident” smooth ray at Rye pier on 2 April resulted in a 25,000-signature online petition calling for a ban on the killing of rays in Port Phillip, including stingrays and banjo sharks.

Regular Extreme Watersport Diver PT Hirschfield has been driving this campaign, she has spent countless hours meeting with government and other stakeholders to develop policies, marketing and awareness to reduce the incidence of these thoughtless and unnecessary killings.

Rays (stingrays, smooth rays, manta rays, fiddler rays & more) are way cooler than you might realist. We think they are worth celebrating and protecting!

CALL TO ACTION: Please SIGN AND SHARE the online petition to help raise awareness and to convince politicians and regulatory bodies that change is needed NOW. Sign the petition here

Follow the Rays Awareness Facebook Page here

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