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Dive Victoria ceases trading

The Dive Victoria Group have now ceased trading. The largest dive operation outside of Queensland, Dive Victoria have been an industry icon for many years.

Under voluntary administration for over a month, last week it was announced the business will be wound up, their 3 stores have closed and all charter vessels have ceased operation.

The closure marks a significant change in our industry. Here at Extreme Watersport, Rosebud we are working with, divers, local charter operators, dive shops and dive clubs to minimise the disruption caused by the Dive Victoria Closure.

There are plans in place to ensure there is enough infrastructure, service and capacity in the industry for all divers to enjoy a great variety of diving opportunities now and in the summer peak.

We already have a strong existing relationship with 2 professional charter operators who can assist with all your charter needs, find our schedule here.

We have extended our trading hours and made a commitment to be open everyday for at least 3 hours after any Red Boats or Chimney Rock Charters departure. This will ensure that divers can get an AIR fill after each and every dive see our trading hours here.

To ease the burden we are also offering discounted $5 AIR Fills to ALL divers for a limited time for all air fill and service prices view here.

I'd like to encourage any former Dive Victoria divers and members to check out our store and give us a go! For owners of Gold Memberships and AIR fill cards we may be able to offer you a similar product at reduced pricing. Also for anyone with unfinished courses etc, please feel free to contact me and I will do whatever I can to assist.

The Dive Victoria collapse is a timely reminder that now, more than ever your local full service dive center needs your full and ongoing support! There may be cheap deals interstate, overseas or online, but you cannot get dive training, friendly personal advice or an AIR Fill online, so please support the dive centers that support you.

Finally my thoughts are with all of Dive Victoria's friendly and professional staff during what must be a difficult time.

Many thanks,

Steve Dale

Director Extreme Watersport

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