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Dive with SHARKS!

Dive with the Grey Nurse Sharks this October!  Extreme Watersport are heading to South West Rocks in Northern New South Wales this October to dive with the Grey Nurse Sharks, join us on this much anticipated weekend away including 6 awe inspiring dives.


Located on the scenic coast of  Northern New South Wales, South West Rocks is a picturesque coastal village. The small town has and enviable selection of  breathtaking beaches, scenic rivers and National Parks, Its comfortable year round climate makes South West Rocks a popular destination for family holidays, divers, fishermen and those looking for a weekend escape from the city..

The town is an easy drive from either Coffs Harbour or Port Macquarie Airports, with a total travel time of just over an hour.  The most economical way to travel to South West Rocks is via Newcastle, the drive from Newcastle is a little over three hours, but flights can be found for as little as $50-$100 each way (about half that of flying via Coffs or Port Maq).

The highlight of the trip is Fish Rock Cave and the large Grey Nurse Shark colony which resides there all year round. The sharks often rest in the shallow entrance of the cave, which is an awesome sight for even the most experienced diver!  There are endless opportunities to capture increadible video and photo's, the photogenic site provides great results whether you are a novice or experienced photographer.   The depth varies between 15 and 30 metres, and an Advanced Adventure Diver (30m) Certification is advisable.  The deep 30m gutters form shelter where the sharks and other marine creatures who aggregate, when swimming in these gutters  it is not uncommon to have a dozen or more sharks peacefully hovering above..

Although the Grey Nurse Shark may appear ferocious, they are quite docile and peacefully share the waters with divers. 

Fish Rock Cave, runs through the middle of the small island of Fish Rock about two kilometers south-east of Smoky Cape – (South West Rocks).  The cave spans about 125 meters and is home to a unique ecosystem. Inside the cave the water temperature is always at least one degree warmer than outside and the water is always 'gin clear'.The cave has two entrances the shallow being at 12 meters, it commences with a large, naturally lit cavern fringed by pink gorgonian corals the entrance itself has so much action and fish life you can fill an entire dive in this one small area.   You can even ascend into the bubble cave, breathing and talking to your buddy whilst you are still five metres underwater!  The deeper entrance of the cave is at a depth of 24 meters. Here you may see resident black cod, large wobbegong sharks, black rays and giant cuttle fish, as you ascend up one of the two chimneys into the main section of the cave.


To the West of  Fish Rock strong currents bring a diverse range of marine life,  you can expect to see an abundance of fish, turtles, moray eels and friendly blue groper.To the East sheer walls plunge to an average depth of 30 meters, where boulders as big as small houses line the sea floor, this area is home to large wobbegong sharks disguised among clouds of bullseyes. Finally to the North a pinnacle rises 30 metres from the sea floor ending just 7 metres of the surface. Home to turtles, Grey Nurse Sharks, giant Queensland groper and a huge variety of fish life this is one of the best dives at Fish Rock!  It will take a few dives to make the most of Fish Rock and fully explore this massive dive site, if that is not enough there are plenty of other sites nearby as well, but the best of the best is certainly Fish Rock!

The dives at Fish Rock are completed as double boat dives, our trip includes one double boat dive per day, for those who are very keen (and fit) there is  an option to complete a second double boat dive in the day allowing you to complete as many as 12 dives during the trip, however we recommend having two great dives in the morning and exploring the local area in the afternoon.  The trip is based on a four day break Departing Melbourne after work Thrusday and returning Monday Evening. for those who cannot get 2 days off work, talk to us as there is an option to join us a day later at a reduced cost. 

The package includes accommodation and diving, you will need to make your own way to South West Rocks, although we can assist with car pooling, flights etc, this is not including in the package to provide the best value and most flexibility.  Click below for more information, itinerary, pricing and booking form.

We have included a non diver price as there is lots for non divers to do at South West Rocks!


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