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SCUBA Equipment Servicing

We offer (very) sharp priced servicing for all your beloved gear and equipment. Whether it's your cylinder, regulators, BCD or computer,

your gear is in capable hands and will be looked after professionally. We service most brands like: Oceanpro/ Mares/ Halcyon/ Hollis/ Zeagle/ Atomic/ Apeks and Many more. 


If you'd like to get an estimate on getting your gear serviced don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll set you up with a quote. For any additional questions just give us a call on: (03) 5982 3432

and we'll happily assist. Many thanks, Team Extreme Watersport.

Servicing Pricelist

Prices listed are excluded of parts, replacements and/or unsuspected costs.


Cylinder Hydro Service                                                 $50


Cylinder Oxygen Clean                                                 $50       


Cylinder internal brush and rumble                        $25

Rust removal


Dismantle twin cylinders for testing                        $25


Manifold with isolator Service and Clean               $40

Standard Valve Service and Clean                          -Complimentary




 Standard Regulator Servicing,  Labour Only        $150                                                                                                         

Price doesn't include servicing kits or unsuspected costs. Price for a full service

including kits will generally be around $260. However please keep in mind this may vary

depending on brand and state of the equipment.                                                                                                        


BCD Service, Labour only                                     $55

Parts not included     

Dive Computers

Battery Change                             starting from       $25

Pressure testing                                                            $25

PFL- Parts for life

Parts for life administration fee                              $10                                                                                      

T's & C's

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