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The world's largest most accessible ship wreck!

Join us on a trip of lifetime this September!  Let Extreme Watersport guide you as you explore the wreck of the SS President Coolidge,

off the coast of Esperitu Santo, Vanuatu!!


Dive The Wreck of the SS President Coolidge,

1st-8th October 2017


Suitable for divers of all levels and experiences.

The ‘President Coolidge’ hit an allied sea mine in 1942, the blast disabled the ship and she now rests on her port side on a steep incline, just a short swim less than 100m from shore.   She is a great wreck for divers of all levels and is easily accessible.  Her bow rests at 20m and stern is beyond 40m. Your experienced local dive guides team up with staff from Extreme Watersport to ensure you see all of the very best of the Coolidge.


You will also have an opportunity to dive Million Dollar Point where the US army  disposed of its military equipment at the end of WW2.  See tanks, bulldozers, cranes and trucks all on the ocean floor encrusted in corals.  

This trip has been scheduled to coincide with the September School and University holidays  meaning you only need a few days of annual leave or "sickies" to  take part in this adventure!  

There are also opportunities to complete a full range of entry level, advanced and technical training whilst on the trip! 

Your Extreme Watersport's tour guide Steve Dale has completed over 150 dives on The Coolidge and still loves going back, he even claims there are areas he has still not seen!  Yes, the wreck is that big!


Come join us on a trip of a lifetime, at a bargain price!

Includes flights ex Sydney Return to Brisbane (excludes final domestic connection), Includes group accommodation, 10 dives, tanks and weights!

Excludes personal SCUBA gear, can be added for just $250.


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