Cray tags have gone YELLOW!

November 2, 2018

Its almost 18 months since the Victorian Fisheries Authority introduced the Mandatory Tagging of all Southern Rock Lobsters (Crayfish) caught by Recreational Fisherman in Victorian Waters.  This policy requires all fisherman and divers to order cray tags online prior to catching Southern Rock Lobster. 


Tags must be attached within 5 minutes of bringing rock lobster to the onto a boat, or if taken from the shore, within 5 minutes of landing and within 50 metres of the place of landing (these conditions are consistent with existing tail fin clipping requirements).


The tags are essentially a zip tie or cable tie with a unique serial number simply tie the tag around the crays horn.  Find out more about cray tagging on our original blog post and FAQ HERE .


This year the tags are YELLOW, the OLD BLUE TAGS CANNOT BE USED.



Cray tags are FREE but you must pre-order them from fisheries!

If you have not previously ordered tags before create a profile on the Victorian Fisheries Authority Cray Tag App HERE . If you previously had the old Blue tags, report your tags as used, lost or unused and order new tags HERE .  


Fisheries suggest you will receive your tags within 5-7 business days. With Cray season opening on the 16th November its important that you order your cray tags now!


If you have left your run to late or you get caught out, set up a profile online and order some tags asap, if you ask your dive buddy or dive shop, they may transfer you one for a small fee (payable in Beer or Crayfish)!


Want to become a CRAY Diving Master?

Want to know all about crayfish, how to find them, how to catch them and how to cook them??  Join one of our very popular Cray Diving Masterclasses, find out how HERE



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