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SDI CPROX - CPR & Oxygen Providers Course

An essential course for all divers and non divers alike.
Provide lifesaving assistance to your loved ones, friend or family should the need arise..

The SDI CPROX course provides essential training in Basic Life Support allowing participants to assist others in the case of an emergency.


SDI's  straight forward, no nonsense approach to teaching these important skills ensures you will know and remember the critical steps to follow when responding to emergency situations involving conscious, non breathing or unconscious victims.   Upon completion of the SDI CPROX Course you will be able to confidently and effectively assist victims whose lives may be at risk, whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive at the scene. 

The course teaches participants to administer Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and to provide Emergency Oxygen.

In an emergency situation, CPR – or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can truly save or prolong a persons life.  

In the event a person stops breathing either due to underlying heart or health issues or in an accident, the brain may be damaged in just a couple of minutes, death can occur in less than six minutes.  With CPR it is possible that an unconscious non breathing victim can be kept alive for as long as 30 minutes, or more.  Our ambulance response times are good in Australia, but the average response is still 10-15 minutes and this blows out to more than 20 minutes in regional areas,  if you are out on the water or traveling overseas the response time may be much, much longer.  CPR during this time may be the difference between life and death in these situations.


CPR is one of the most important  first aid treatments,  it is skill that everybody, from all walks of life and of all ages should know how to do.  Considering how easy and simple performing CPR can be, there is no reason why you shouldn’t learn to do it yourself, it may just save the life of someone you love.


Medical oxygen is the best First Aid treatment for diving injuries and suspected decompression illness, it is also effective for the treatment and management of many other no diving ailments and injuries.  Medical oxygen should be available wherever diving takes place and it is important that all divers are trained to administer oxygen in case of an emergency.


Medical oxygen is available on all commercial charter vessel's and wherever dive training takes place.  All Dive Professionals are trained to use medical oxygen, However it is often helpful if divers of all levels know how to assemble an O2 unit, and administer oxygen as this provides an additional resource to the dive professional, allowing them to respond quicker or tend to other matters relevant to the emergency situation.    


It is advisable that anyone diving from their own vessel ensures they have access to emergency oxygen, as part of the course we will show you various affordable ways to do this.

The SDI CPROX Course is run on a regular basis at Extreme Watersport and we encourage anyone over the age of ten  to join one of our scheduled courses.  Alternatively, for groups of 6 or more we can provide onsite training at locations anywhere in Victoria please contact us for customised packages and pricing.

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