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Our response to COVID19

Updated 9th July 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Metropolitan Melbourne has returned to stage 3 restrictions as of 11:59PM Wednesday 8th July.  If you reside in Metropolitan Melbourne, there are now only 4 reasons to leave your home

  1. Shopping for necessary goods or services

  2. Care or compassionate reasons

  3. Exercise

  4. Work and study (if you cannot work or study from home). 


If you reside in Metropolitan Melbourne you must not travel to Regional Victoria, If you reside in Regional Victoria you must not travel to Metropolitan Melbounre. Extreme Watersport is located within Metropolitan Melbourne.  

Waters sports including Snorkelling, SCUBA, Kayaking Surfing, Swimming & SUP Boarding  have now been confirmed as being an allowable form of exercise during stage 3 lock down. 

The revised stage 3 lock down rules allow you to leave your home for exercise, it has been interrupted  that you if you must travel to conduct such exercise you may do so providing you only travel within the Metropolitan Melbourne area.

When leaving home for exercise you must abide by the following rules:

  1. You can only exercise or undertake sporting activities outside with one other person or household members.

  2. You must be able to keep 1.5 metres distance between yourself and others.

Just because you can does not mean you should, the best way to stay safe is to stay at home. 

By orders of the Chief medical officer, no business is allowed to provide any rental equipment of any kind, regardless of whether a fee is charged for these services. 


We have suspended all tours and training as feel running such activities even at a 1:1 ratio is not in the best interests of our staff and guests and is not in keeping with the spirit of the health orders.


We are open at a reduced capacity for retails sales, AIR & Nitrox Fills and Equipment Servicing only. We are continuously evolving to ensure your safety during the COVID19 Pandemic.  The procedures we put in place early in March allow us to safely and confidently provide our services in a COVID SAFE manner, ensuring all of our services are as safe as possible for our guests, staff and community during this challenging time.   

For the latest official health advise please visit


We have  been working behind the scenes to ensure our business remains viable during uncertain times. The last couple of months have been challenging, the next few months will continue to challenge us, but we are excited about the future  and still have big plans and exciting new offerings in the pipeline for Summer 2020!  We thank each and one of you for your ongoing support during these very difficult times.

Changes we have made for your safety..

1. We have installed signage at the door, to remind customers to maintain social distancing, not to enter if they are unwell and to advice our store capacity.

2. We have calculated that our retail area can accommodate 20 people we have halved it and kept our capacity down to 10.

3. We have installed directional markers on the floor to indicate safe social distances (1.5m)

4. If you are waiting on an air fill, perhaps go for a walk outside?

5. All touch points are regularly cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant.

6. A sanitation station has been set up including gloves and wipes, at this stage we can't get hand sanitiser anywhere, but as soon as we can we will have that too.

7. We have reconfigured our counter to create a safer working distance

8. We have installed self service Eftpos

9. We have shutdown public access to all back of house areas, including, toilets, showers, kitchen, classroom, wash down and fill station. (toilets will be available on request), this move has been made to ensure these areas remain completely sanitised as such our side entry roller door access is not available at this time.

10. We have doubled the disinfection process on all rental equipment. All equipment is sanitised with steramine prior to release.

12. We have sanitised all dive masks and covered them in plastic, you will need to ask for assistance when trying on masks and they will all be sanitised after they have been touched.

13. All wet suits etc will be sanitised after they have been tried on.

14. We have cancelled all courses, guided dives and tours indefinitely

15.  We have reduced numbers on guided dives, tours and training to ensure social distancing

16. We are open as normal, 6 days a week during Winter 2020 see our full hours here.

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