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As schools return to remote learning we are doing the same!

To stop the spread of COVID19 we have chosen to suspend all in water training until at least the 19th of August 2020.

That doesn't mean you can't start your next dive course. We are selling all the e-learning and home study materials for our most popular courses from Snorkeling and Open Water right through to Instructor, tech and cave, all at a reduced price so you can make a start on your next course now and kill the lock down boredom!


You can schedule the in water training anytime in the future, you could even chose to do the in water training at another shop if your circumstances change.. 

Buy as many different courses as you like, you will receive a certificate of completion when you finish the e-learning, you may even choose to do some courses for the theoretical study only and not proceed with in water training that is fine to! 

The prices are for prestudy materials only. You pay for the in water training when you come to complete it. The full course costs are listed at the bottom of each course. The course costs are guaranteed until the end of June 2021, furthermore we guarantee if we have a sale at anytime between now and June 2021 or when you finish your in water training (whichever is soonest) we will match the sale price.

If you do not finish the in water training by June 2021 that is fine, however our prices may change slightly after that?

Is there a course you are interested in that is not listed? Get in touch we can probably add that to the offering...

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